The Importance of Parks and Recreation

Photo courtesy of Jogging Tips.

Care to drink the parks and recreation kool-aide? Consider the following . . .

Parks make your town better
Parks and greenways improve quality of life. They make a place more attractive, increase interaction among neighbors, and provide a safe place for play.

Parks attract successful people and businesses
If you're a policy wonk: read driver of economic development via business attraction and retention.)
When I was in the consulting end of planning I worked on a large and lavishly funded economic development project in the eastern part of the state; I can't tell you how many stories I heard about CEO's wives not liking the area and sinking any possibility of corporate relocation. The truth is, those in the so called "creative class" often choose quality of life and recreational and cultural opportunities over salary or other traditional metrics. These folk are the drivers of the economy. Pittsboro has a lot to offer already, and an ambitious park system will enhance its attractiveness as a place to live. As such, parks are critical public infrastructure.

Parks increase your property value
The National Homebuilders Association claims that park and recreation areas may enhance the value of land up to 20%.

Parks help you live a healthier life
The exercise that parks and sidewalks encourage help us to live more vibrant and healthful lives. Exercise helps us fight obesity, chronic diseases, the effects of aging as well as lowering or medical expenses.

Parks are fun!
That's why the kids run for the playground as soon as you unbuckle them from the car seats!


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