Tennis Anyone?

Left: Tennis player at McClenahan St. Tennis Courts.

Pittsboro's tennis courts are seeing a lot of use with the gorgeous weather of late. While taking photos I spoke with several people about the court conditions. While they were pleased with the court itself, and love the lights, they felt that a windscreen would help tremendously. This would block the wind, reduce glare from the sun, minimize traffic distractions and provide more privacy. Sounds compelling; I'll get some estimates.


  1. The center court has a broken net crank, so you can't adjust the net height.

  2. The net crank on the center court is broken. The net is too low and cannot be adjusted.

  3. Drew,
    Thanks for the info. This is the first I've heard of it, so comments like these are very helpful. I noticed that one of the springy play frog at Kiwanis Park is broken too. I'll look into fixes for these.


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