Town Lake Park is still a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Town Lake Park - a new trail to this hidden spot is coming soon.

There was a recent post on the Chatham Chatlist mentioning that the wi-fi service at Town Lake Park was down. I checked with Blast Internet Services, the wi-fi provider, and discovered that all systems are go. The service must have been shut down for a short period while the chatlist poster was there.

The New Town Park at Powell Place will be a wi-fi hotspot too.


  1. Thanks for looking into this. I was that chatlist poster, and I'm glad to know it's still there. I'll have to check in again next week, because, as I mentioned in the chatlist, the internet is nearly useless at my house, and as a very soon to be unemployed IT worker, it's integral to my job search.

    Plus, during the warmer months, I really do enjoy doing my internet business (e-mail, job hunting, news reading, etc) at the park, where I can picnic and enjoy the quiet and beauty, or watch a soccer game too!

    And while I've said it on the chatlist in the past, I'll say it here too... Kudos to Blast for providing this to the residents of Chatham. They have always been a very locally conscious company and I for one certainly appreciate them.

  2. Good luck with the job search. I second the kudos to Blast. The wifi at the park is a great asset.


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