List of Parks in Pittsboro, NC

Dogwoods now in bloom at Town Lake Park.

The Town of Pittsboro currently has 3 parks/ recreation facilities.

  • Town Lake Park ~500 Old Goldston Rd. A 36 Acre Park with walking trails, a soccer field, a picnic shelter and fitness equipment/ swings.
  • Kiwanis Park at 309 Credle Street. A small playground for children under age 5.
  • McClenahan St. Tennis and Basketball Courts at the corner of McClenahan St. & Pittsboro Elementary School Rd. The Chatham County Parks and Recreation Deptartment handles programming at this facility, as they have the requiste staff.
Additionally, we rent the Community House, at 65 Thompson Street, a gorgeous 1930's stone structure for community events. We'll break ground on a New Town Park in the Powell Place development as early as June. That park is expected to have it's first phase completed before Christmas of 2009.

Most of the other parks in the area are run by the Chatham County Parks and Recreation Dept.
I may often pass on information about their events, or events by other organizations providing recreational opportunities, but the main purview of this blog is the Pittsboro Parks and Recreation System. Having said that, see sidebar links to our local YMCA, Chatham Soccer League and the County Parks and Recreation Department. All of these organizations provide great recreational opportunities.


  1. Thank you for all of the work that went towards transforming the Kiwanis Park!
    I have taken my daughter their 3 days in a row. We both love it. I think that I speak for a lot of families when I say that this park truly is a gift for our children and families of Chatham county. Thanks again (and for the blog as well - great way to hear about what is new!)


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