Volunteers Welcome at Town Lake Park Clean-Up

Vista at Town Lake Park (click thumbnail to see full panorama)

On April 17th there will be a Park Clean-Up at the Town Lake Park. We'll gladly welcome any volunteers who can help with picking up trash, moving rocks, clearing out invasive privet and having a nice cookout for lunch. Please bring your own clippers or other shrub clearing tools.

Yes, April 17th is on a Friday. We chose this date to best accommodate a community outreach program for our police department. They'll be serving as mentors for a handful of adjudicated youths, who'll be helping with the clean-up, and a weekday best fit their schedule. We can always do this again on a weekend if there's enough interest.

We envision this being an all day affair, so stop by anytime between 9 am and 3:00. The cookout will be held at noon at the picnic shelter. The park is located just south of Al's Diner on 902/ Old Goldston Highway, on the left hand side of the road if you're heading south.


  1. Great news Paul ... will come by and help, as available. Similarly, I've been trying to drum up interest on doing the same with the water pond North of Chatham Mill on 15501. I wrote Tom Roberts and said I'd do and organize it for free, hope to help there too.


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