New Kiwanis Park Critters

Kiwanis Park has always been a grassroots kind of park, so when it came to bringing more smiles to the park, community members once again chipped in.
First of all French Connections gave us a great discount on some wonderful critters from their front yard.

Then, I ran into Adam Brinson, the Window Wizard, who offered to install the critters for free. "I'll just do it, I love that park," he said. 

His son, Buck, even helped.  He's a park lover too and a fine hand with a cordless drill.

The critters a charming and cheerful and can keep the Clyde Critter company....
Parks Department vehicle.
I love this donkey!
Pigs fly at Kiwanis Park!
"Yeah, here come the rooster . . ." (Alice in Chains)


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