Clyde Critter at Kiwanis Park!

I’m honored to announce that The Town of Pittsboro Kiwanis Park is now host to a unique play-sculpture by Clyde Jones of Bynum, NC. Clyde's Critters have traveled the world from the Smithsonian Museum to China, Peru, Africa and beyond. The nationally acclaimed artist remains a wonderful down to earth guy who hasn’t let stardom get to his head. He was excited to provide a piece for the “youngins” to ride on and appreciate, carving it on-site out of a huge piece of cedar donated by local carpenter Jeff Gannon. I’m thrilled about how nicely the critter turned out and it was certainly fascinating to watch Mr. Jones work! I was like a kid in a candy store. This is truly the capstone to the Summer of 2009 Kiwanis Park Renovation. Thank you again for your generosity Clyde; your critter will bring smiles to tons of kids for many years to come.

First cut.
Getting close. . .
Adding the sunflower eyes.

Finished Critter - I love it.


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