Small St. Oak at Kiwanis Park - Update

I wrote a month ago about planning to incorporate the Small Street Oak into natural playground features at The Town of Pittsboro’s Kiwanis Park. Well, the slabs are in place and the kids seem to love them. The slabs are connected by a series of cedar steppers, creating an inviting path down the length of the park. When the slabs were first cut I called them 'lily pads' and the name kind of stuck, but the little fellow in the red shirt insists that if you slip off you fall into lava. Needless to say, they leave lots of room for imaginative unstructured play.

Stopping to enjoy the flowers. Note the curved walnut bench in the background.

Follow the leader!

Other wooden pieces from the Small Street trees include two walnut benches and a white oak car all crafted by yours truly. The walnut bench is barely visible behind the car in the following photo.

Vroom, Vroom; kiddos on the car. I'll install steering wheels at some point.

Two other curved walnut benches were crafted by Leslie Booker and her crew from Booker Garden Design. One bench curves around the boulder area and the other surrounds the sandbox closest to the road. Both take advantage of natural curves in the tree to mesh with the sinuous curves of the lower park. One more piece is expected from the walnut which will replace a broken spring rider.

The walnut bench and logs follow the curve of the boulder play area.

Feedback so far has been very positive. Come by and see for yourself!


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