Pittsboro Parks featured on Get Going NC

Pittsboro Parks are currently featured on this great blog, Get Going NC.  It's a terrific site which explores “all of the fun ways to get in shape and stay that way.”  The site is run by Joe Miller, who recently retired from the N&O and soon after acquired a sponsorship from Blue Cross Blue Shield to finance his passion for exploring active outdoor recreation.  That sounds fun to me, and fun is crucial as his site explains:
If only staying in shape were that simple, you say? In fact, it is. You just need to find a way of staying fit that you enjoy. Yes, enjoy. You say you’ve never found a form of sweating that makes you happy? I say you just haven’t found what pushes your adrenal button. And that’s my goal here at GetGoingNC.com — to expose you to as many athletic endeavors as possible until we hit the one that makes you stop and say, “Huh. That sounds like fun.” And fun is key, because if you don’t enjoy whatever it is you’re putting your body through, if it doesn’t trip something inside you that makes your spirit want to go another five minutes when the rest of your body is crying No mas, then you won’t keep at it. Nor should you. Life is too busy to waste a portion of it suffering from painful exercise. Likewise, life is too short to waste a portion of it suffering the ill effects of not moving.”  
This site might be just the ticket to help get you to get out to go for that run even if the weather is less than perfect.  It’s also a great place to learn about outdoor recreational opportunities across the state, from paddling, hiking and climbing to winter sports or triathlons.  At first glance greenways seem to be the central focus, but the “blog categories” section on the site reveals a wide variety of topics of interest to folks who read the Pittsboro Park Blog, or to anyone interested in a more active lifestyle.  
Screen Shot of Get Going NC
I thought that the site was brilliant and that it would be great if Pittsboro’s Parks could be mentioned, so I gave Joe the 50 cent tour of our nascent park system and he was kind enough to write this great article about Pittsboro Parks.  
Be sure to explore the rest of Get Going NC and the associated Flickr Photostream, which hosts great photos of other nearby Chatham County attractions such as the Lower Haw State Natural Area, White Pines Preserve and the American Tobacco Trail.  


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