Haw River Assembly Park Clean-Ups

Kuddos to the Haw River Assembly (HRA), who organized two park clean-ups in recent weeks. The first clean-up was along the new Robeson Creek Greenway near the new bridge.  Town Public Works provided a dump truck and about 80 of Horton Middle School science students filled it in 5 hours.  Together they gathered 80 bags, about one per student!  This is in addition to the large bulky items like old refrigerators, a mattress, a truck rear suspension and other fine treasures.  

Catherine Deininger with the HRA partnered with 8th grade science teacher Jamie Callicutt to improve the greenway.  The kids seems to have a lot of fun and really made a huge difference.  
Productive Horton students having fun while sprucing up the greenway.  
Horton students and their science teacher, Jamie Callicutt (on the far right)
The second clean-up was along the Haw River at the 15-501 Paddle Access near the Bynum Dam.  This time the HRA worked with the Carolina Canoe Club for a land and water spruce up.  I ran into Ken and Debbie Tunnell who were leading the clean-up efforts on the Haw last Saturday.  They couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.   
Carolina Canoe Club member cleaning up the river from his boat 
15-501 Paddle Access clean-up organizers from the Carolina Canoe Club and the HRA
Click to learn more about future Haw River Assembly Volunteer Opportunities.  Thanks Haw River Assembly!  Keep up the great work.  


  1. I'd also add kudos to the Carolina Canoe Club member-volunteers who clean up the Haw River access parking lots at Chicken Bridge, 15/501, Bynam and Hwy 64 every month of the year. These, as well as the annual Haw River cleanup are ongoing efforts by the CCC to help keep (what is for many of us) our "home river" clean for ourselves and the many users of this rare resource.

    --Larry Ausley, CCC Past President

    1. Hear hear - kudos to the CCC as well. I'd hoped to convey that in the original post. The State Parks System is also responsible for stewardship of this area along with the private owners of the dam.


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