Public Input Sought for Southern Park

A public meeting to seek input on the future development of Pittsboro's proposed Southern Park will be held at the Pittsboro Town Hall on October the 28th at 7:00PM. The park will be located near the intersection of 15-501 South and Charlie Brooks Road, about 3 miles south of town. The parkland contains over 50 acres of rolling hills, mostly covered in hardwoods. It's a great piece of land.

One of several beautiful rock outcroppings on the parkland.


  1. An excellent idea! Parks are valuable to any county especially a county as beautiful as Chatham. Parks also give us a place to retreat to, to get together, or to just come, stroll and absorb nature.

    Hope all will support this endeavor.

    Sherri Shepherd
    The Woods of Chatham

  2. This would be a great park for "Art in the park" events. There are many professional artists here in Chatham and if you keep the standards high (juried, full-time artists) it could turn into a great Spring and Fall attraction.

    ALSO: This park should be left sports free. Just a natural open space with no goal posts or nets and the wear on the land that occurs when you have twenty people running around in the same spot.


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