2010 Street Fair Recap

Pittsboro was blessed with perfect weather for this event for the first time in many years.  The bands were great, the food was terrific and lots of people were out to enjoy the day.  Lest you think you're still recovering from Shakori Hills, the photos were filtered with photoshop to make them a bit more festive.  
Balloons galore

Yours truly and members of the Pittsboro Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PARAB) manned a booth at the event where we revealed the hot off the press DRAFT master plan for Southern Park, showed a system map of all of our parks and proposed greenways, master plans of some of our facilities and gathered survey data to find out what type of facilities people want most.  

Vibrant street scene
We took a citizen's suggestion and created an email list for Friends of the Parks.  They'll get direct emails regarding any parks news, meetings, or events.  Thanks to all the PARAB members who helped staff the booth!  Look for future posts on how to join the Friends of the Parks email list.  

Dolphin free, organic, free range corn dogs and funnel cakes
We received a lot of positive feedback, but it was also clear that a lot of residents were not aware of some of our great parks; not everyone reads the parks blog.  I know, it's hard to believe that not everyone reads every post of this fine publication isn't it.?  Better signage and increased outreach will certainly help people find the parks. 

A visit from the Tooth Fairy
Having the Parks Booth at the street fair was definitely worthwhile.  I'm confident that we inspired a lot of people to visit Pittsboro's parks, shared information about what's going on now (mostly the development of Southern Park) and listened to citizens expressing their vision of a town filled with high quality parks, greenways, blueways,  sidewalks  and bike paths linking key destinations.  

Long lines for Ubi the Clown throughout the day
Birdhouse Vendor


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