Parks for Crime Prevention

Did you know that it costs taxpayers $262 per day to incarcerate one juvenile in North Carolina? That's $95,635 per year. Alternatively this could fund scholarships for:
  • Swimming Lessons for every student at Pittsboro Elementary School - a series of eight 30 minute classes
  • Youth Basketball play for every student of Pittsboro Elementary School and for every student at Horton Middle School - 5 months of play - practices and games
  • Girls Lacrosse Development League play 1 month for 100 girls
  • Youth Soccer CSL U6 Division play 2 months for 100 kids
  • Tennis Lessons by John Delafield for 100 kids
  • T-Ball for 2 months of play for 50 kids 
  • Art Classes for 100 Students via One Stroke Art
  • Summer Camp 1 week for 10 kids at the YMCA's Camp Wannago
  • Clydefest Admission for every kid at Pittsboro Elementary School

There would still be $8,092 left over.  

Here's a link to an article detailing how: "After-school programs alter lives of at-risk youth: park and recreation-sponsored programming is effective in reducing crime and educating children."

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Ben Franklin


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