Tree Settlement at Rock Springs Park

Whatever happened with the issue of the the trees that were erroneously cut down at the new Rock Springs Park in Pittsboro?

I'm happy to report that the Town has come to a settlement with the prime contractor overseeing the subcontractor who cut the trees. They will provide a boulder retaining wall along the parking lot, 70 feet of boulder retaining wall along the main field, and pave the remaining parking spaces originally slated to be gravel. In addition, they will place several tons of quartz and granite boulders, and plant the area above the soccer field retaining wall with low maintenance grasses and shrubs.

Existing quartz clusters at the pedestrian entranceway. Another cluster will be added as a part of the settlement.

I was saddened and angered to see the trees cut, but at the end of the day, I know that the Town negotiated a fair settlement and I'm confident that park goers will appreciate the new additions. It's worth noting that the park will retain over four and half acres of beautiful hardwood forest as well as several large islands of woodland within the more manicured areas.

Parking lot wall in progress. Finishing touches are being added by a highly skilled local mason.


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