Japanese Apricot in Bloom at Kiwanis Park

The Prunus Mume, or Japanese Apricot is in bloom at Kiwanis Park and the bees are loving it. The two specimen at Kiwanis Park are the "Peggy Clarke" cultivar. They're early bloomers and provide a bit of color in the winter while most plants are dormant. These are still young trees, but they'll eventually grow to a 15 -20 feet height and provide an impressive display. Note that there are honeybees in all of the photos.

Genus: Prunus
Specific Epithet: mume
Cultivar Name: 'Peggy Clarke'
Common Name: Japanese apricot
Family: Rosaceae


  1. The landscaping at the Kiwanis Park uniquely beautifies this park making it a little wonderland for our children (and adults! :) It is always a great surprise to see what is in bloom next...figs, ginger blossoms, blueberries, with various flowers and shrubs. Thank you Paul and Leslie Booker and all the others that have come together to make this park even more special.


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