April Fools? - Pittsboro Cat Parks

Survey results are in - Pittsboro residents rank Cat Parks as their number one parks and recreational priority. Cat Parks easily outranked other priorities by large margins. Survey respondents claim that for too long cats have been overshadowed by dogs. Items such as a robust greenway network, a thousand acre nature preserve, a downtown park capable of hosting downtown events such as farmers markets, food truck rodeos, and picnicking just couldn't compete.  Even playgrounds for kids, sports complexes, neighborhood open spaces, and aquatics centers got far fewer votes than the latest trend in leisure, cat parks.
Seriously though, if you receive a survey in the mail asking about your parks and recreation priorities, please take a few minutes to fill it out.  And if you are a Pittsboro area resident and want to participate in online surveys for the Parks and Recreation System Master Plan, please do so at PittsboroParks.org. Or you could let others decide. .  . .  


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