Tree ID Walk - April 5, 2017 - National Walking Day

Those boots are made for walking, so put them on and join me, your friendly neighborhood Parks Planner, and Margaret Tiano of Grand Trees of Chatham for National Walking Day. We'll meet in the parking lot of Rock Ridge Park at 4 PM on April 5, 2017.

Margaret will provide a Tree Identification workshop while we explore the diverse ecology of Rock Ridge Park.  We've done this for several years now and it's always been fun and informative. We saw a Fringe Tree in bloom last year and I learned how to identify a Black Tupelo or Black Gum Tree (There are several near the mini-amphitheater).

Unless there's a really heavy rainstorm or thunderstorms we'll still meet, so bring raingear, perhaps a water bottle, and comfortable shoes. We can still do this in a light drizzle.  Here's a link to NOAA weather forecast for Pittsboro. All ages are welcome!

There are other participating sites throughout Chatham County, check here to see if there is one closer to you. Each site will likely have their own inclement weather policies, so follow up with respective agencies if the weather is looking questionable.


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