Town Lake Park Water Levels

Wild Azalea at Town Lake Park
If you've been out to Town Lake Park lately you've probably noticed the fluctuations in water levels.  If so, don't be alarmed.  The Wetland Restoration Project is still underway and although most of the terraforming has been completed, there are a few remaining operations which will occur within the next few months.  Maintenance to the overflow spillway is slated as is the installation of more wetland and terrestrial plants.  The water level has been lowered somewhat to accommodate this work.  

Other improvements to the park, not associated with the restoration project, are ongoing or have recently occurred.  Invasive species clearing along the lower lake has opened many vistas and the entry gate will soon receive a facelift.  There are plans to stock Redeye Sunfish, Bluegill and Large Mouth Bass in the upper lake this autumn.  Please bear with us as these projects are underway.  New information about pending planting and construction activities has been added to the park kiosk in order to help keep visitors informed.  A new park map was also added. 
Click here to learn more about the Wetland Restoration Project.  Enjoy the park!


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    And if anyone has any questions about the lake construction project, feel free to call me, Karen Hall, at 919-515-8242 or send me an email at


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