Golf Tournament for a Great Cause

While I would never advocate taking the afternoon off to hit the golf course, ahem, if you have that luxury you should consider the event going on at the Siler City County Club this afternoon.  (Registration at noon - shotgun start at 1PM)

Short notice, I know, but let me point out:

  1. we're having a real spring this year and its gorgeous outside, 
  2. the golf course is beaconing, 
  3. you'd be helping a great cause,
  4. shouldn't you really get more exercise?
  5. recreation breaks actually increase productivity
  6. it is Friday

Folks with the Virginia Cross School are fundraising to purchase playground equipment for kids with special needs.  Why this is critical for optimal human development would make a good post for another time.  

Entry fee is $65/ person or $260/ team which includes green fee, cart fee, prizes, beverages and buffet dinner for each player.  The tournament is of a four person captain's choice format.

Disclaimer: Pittsboro Parks is not responsible for the mass exodus to the golf course.  Individuals have free will and take courses of action that they believe to be rational and in their best interest.  :) 


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