Town Lake Volunteer Day a Great Success

Over 60 people showed to up to help make the Town Lake Park/ Pittsboro Elementary School volunteer day a resounding success.  Special thanks are warranted for both the Pittsboro Skatepark Group and to the folks at Cross Fit True North, both of whom brought sizable groups of eager helpers to join with other Pittsboro Parks supporters and contingents from the Pittsboro Elementary School PTA.  Carolina Brewery provided coffee and the PTA bought pizza and drinks.  A lot of great work got done and I think it’s fair to say that a good time was had by all.
At the end of the day all objectives were met, the trail is much wider, two dump truck loads of invasive plants were uprooted and removed, gorgeous locust benches were built, and park and school supporters got to know each other better. 

Before Clean-Up
Everyone welcomed PBO Elementary Principal Dale Minge's labor saving tractor and trailer.  He was enthusiastic about the prospect of the outdoor classroom and the opportunities it will offer his students. 
Volunteer wrestling invasive plants.  

Outdoor Classroom - After

All photos courtesy of Karinda Roebuck.  Thanks to all who spent a beautiful Saturday helping their community!  


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