New Benches at the Community House

Benches and log-round building blocks have been added to the small yard behind the Community House.
New benches and log building blocks at the Community House.
Montessori style Spanish classes for children have been meeting in this location and the teachers have requested outdoor seating for picnic lunches and for holding classes outside on pleasant days.  These benches should help.

And since I've noticed the kids having a great time playing with whatever sticks and organic materials they could scrounge around the yard, I thought the log building blocks might fit right in and help facilitate learning and fun.
Rustic log-round building blocks.  
The wood for the benches hailed from trees felled and milled during the construction of Mary Hayes Barber Holmes Park.  The half-round slabs were actually mill waste products, left-overs from ripping the slabs that now form the long White Oak benches at the park.  The benches are rustic but have elegant details.  

The wood rounds were crafted from a dead sycamore tree at Town Lake Park.  Sycamore is not a particularly durable wood in the elements so these won't last forever, but they were essentially free.  If the blocks prove popular maybe cedar round upgrades will be in order, or maybe they'll have run their course.  I'll poll the kiddos when the time comes.


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