Mary Hayes Barber Holmes Park Grand Opening Highlights

The Grand Opening of the Mary Hayes Barber Holmes Park in Pittsboro was a great success, due largely to the energy which the Carolina Brewery brought to the event through their well orchestrated 5K race. Kudos to Taylor and Robert at the Carolina Brewery, along with volunteers from the Pittsboro Running Club who organized the race. The music of Judy and the Redbyrds was excellent as were the kids' activities provided by Louise Omoto Kessel and Samantha from Pittsboro Toys.

The ceremony itself was short and informal. Town Manager Bill Terry thanked the Barber and Holmes Family for their generous land donation, and East West Partners for their sustained interest in the project. The Town's elected officials were thanked for their support. Karen Hall of the NCSU Water Quality Group was acknowledged for her assistance in funding the permeable pavers in the parking lot, the living roof on the gazebo, and the beautiful raingarden. Appreciation was expressed for Laura Lauffer, the Sustainability Coordinator at the CCCC, for her student's installation of the living roof on the gazebo. Frank Fitzgerald, president of the Chatham Soccer League, was noted for his pledge to provide soccer goals in the near future. Others critical to making the project a success were thanked as well.

Early Birds arrived before 8am.

Strong finishes on the kids' race around the park walking trail.

Finish line of the 5K Oktoberfest Run

Kids enjoying the playsculptures.

Juan & Elizabeth's cute dog on the playsculpture. Why not? Pittsboro needs a good dog park.


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