Carolina Brewery 5K Oktoberfest Fun Run - September 25th

5K Oktoberfest Fun Run/ Walk to celebrate Oktoberfest and the grand opening of the new Mary Hayes Barber Holmes Park in Powell Place.

Registration Begins at 8:00 A.M. at the new park at the corner of Rock Spring Church Cemetery Road and Millbrook Drive. Light breakfast provided for the runners.

The race will begin at 9:00 A.M. winding it's way through the rolling hills of the Powell Place development and ending back at the park.

There will be a free run for kids 6 and under at 9:45 A.M. (around the paved trail at the park)

Awards will be at 10 am at the Carolina Brewery

Rain date is Sunday September 26th - same time and place

More details in the embedded registration form below:


  1. We had a great time at the celebration - thanks!

    Who was the nice lady that brought the parachute? We had so much fun playing with it after the kid race. Brought me back to my elementary school PE class days.

  2. Robin,

    The nice lady was Lousie Omoto Kessel, a Bynum resident who also does storytelling ( and runs summer camps at her Clapping Hands Farm ( She's had some great craft workshops at Pittsboro Toys who had a booth at the event and sponsored a chalk drawing contest.

    Louise and I are looking at offering a Fairy House Building workshop at some point in the future at the new park. Participants, mostly parent child pairs, would build fairy houses from on-site native materials. A portion of participants would leave their handiwork at the park to inspire other spontaneous creations, while some may choose to take their work home with them.

    The excellent Charlotte Mecklenburg Park System hosts just such an event, at one of their parks, and it draws huge crowds, even on cold snowy days in February. ( I credit Charlotte Mecklenburg staff for the great idea and inspiration. Though I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, not yet having offered the class.

  3. I inadvertently erased someone's (anonymous') inquiry about posting the race results online. I'll check with Taylor at the Carolina Brewery, who did an awesome job of organizing the race, and post the results soon. She had the assistance of a stalwart cadre of volunteers, many from the Pittsboro Running Club; these volunteers included Andrew Allden from Pittsboro's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Keep an eye out, I'll have the results posted soon.

  4. OK, race results by gender, irrespective of age categories. Contact me if you're interested in more detail. -phh

    2010 Oktoberfest Run Top 10 Women
    Name *** Place *** Time
    Tiffany Handfinger *** 5 *** 19:32.9
    Tanya Osbourne *** 9 *** 20:54.5
    Bridget Perry *** 14 *** 21:58.3
    Stephanie Burns *** 16 *** 22:15.1
    Becca Wells *** 17 *** 22:29.0
    Wendi Pillars *** 25 *** 24:25.8
    Sarah Birken *** 27 *** 24:48.3
    Stacey Iacono *** 30 *** 25:33.8
    Cara Maschi *** 31 *** 25:46.1
    Mary Beth Gangemi *** 32 *** 25:49.1

    2010 Oktoberfest Run Top 10 Men
    Name *** Place *** Time
    Alex Varner *** 1 *** 15:48.1
    Jeff Jackson *** 2 *** 17:58.7
    Joel Williams *** 3 *** 18:38.9
    David Clark *** 4 *** 19:30.2
    Clint Bryan *** 6 *** 20:00.5
    Joshua Cohen *** 7 *** 20:01.7
    David Biondi *** 8 *** 20:33.3
    Don Sellers *** 10 *** 21:18.7
    Sean Butler *** 11 *** 21:40.9
    Tommy Holden *** 12 *** 21:47.9


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