Little Library at Town Lake Park

Serendipity strikes! I've been wanting to place a Little Lending Library at one or several of the parks but it's never risen to the top of my priority list.  So, I was thrilled when Krista Millard approached me about not only providing a pre-made library, but also offering to stock it with children's books - quite good ones I might add.

Krista is with Chatham Reads, an organization "dedicated to ensuring that literacy and reading resources are accessible to all Chatham County residents." What a great asset for our community!

The Library artwork was designed by Bynum Artist Matt Zigler, while the carpentry was provided by one of the County High School's shop class.

The little library is located near the Park's Picnic Shelter.

By the way, the bridge construction on HWY 902 doesn't impact park entry; just access the park from the north. NCDOT has been great about keeping the park entrance open during park hours.  Bonus feature: the bridge will have a sidewalk which will allow for the possible development of a circular trail around the park!


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