Pop-Up Public Art

Pittsboro PARKS has organized several pop-up, spontaneous art projects done at low or no cost to add some vibrancy to our artistic town.  

Pittsboro's Page Vernon Park needed a little more life this winter, so French Connections was kind enough to let Pittsboro PARKS borrow their resident dinosaur, for free, to spark interest, discussion and add some fun. 
Dion @ the French Connection (click to enlarge)
The Dino was there less than two months but it was able to span through two First Sundays, which are mini street festivals featuring music, food and craft vendors, occurring every First Sunday of the month during warm weather months in Downtown Pittsboro.  These events are organized by the Pittsboro Business Association.

Here it is trying to blend into the crowd, somewhat successfully:

The park is being used to host First Sunday vendors; this helps draw people north of Salisbury Street, psychologically extending the downtown core.

The next project, a public street piano, was the idea of Angela Crisp-Sears, who had seen street pianos in other cities.  She even donated a piano to the Town for this purpose.  Samantha Birchard of Pittsboro Toys recommended local artist Barbara Hengstenberg of WildesArt, who was excited about painting the piano pro bono. It was moved today to its temporary home in front of Pittsboro Toys.  

Feel free to come by and tickle the ivory.  


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