Page Vernon Park - Coming Soon

Page Vernon Park, a small urban plaza in the heart of Historic Downtown Pittsboro, is under construction and is expected to be completed by early October.  The new park will feature benches, a picnic table, and a beautiful curved stone seat-wall.  Efforts are underway to also make this a free public wifi hotspot.

Page Vernon Park Rendering - courtesy Rob Emerson (larger image here)
The Park is dedicated to the memory of the late District Court Judge Page Humphrey Vernon, who passed away in 2013. She'll be remembered as a tireless advocate for the children and families of Chatham County. Her heirs donated the land for this park, and the picnic table under the shade of the park's large pecan tree was one of her favorite places.

Construction progress as of August 17, 2015 (larger image here)
Contributions from the Trust of James Milton Johnson and Laura Blair Johnson, the Chatham County ABC Board and personal contributions from many individual park supporters also helped make this park possible by supplementing public allocations from the Town of Pittsboro.


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