A menace to the morals, happiess, and welfare of the people . . .

N.C. Gen. Stat. § 160A-351  (2014)

§ 160A-351. Declaration of State policy 

   The lack of adequate recreational programs and facilities is a menace to the morals, happiness, and welfare of the people of this State. Making available recreational opportunities for citizens of all ages is a subject of general interest and concern, and a function requiring appropriate action by both State and local government. The General Assembly therefore declares that the public good and the general welfare of the citizens of this State require adequate recreation programs, that the creation, establishment, and operation of parks and recreation programs is a proper governmental function, and that it is the policy of North Carolina to forever encourage, foster, and provide these facilities and programs for all its citizens.


  1. So what is being done about this here in Pittsboro? Are there any plans to improve or create public recreation in this area?


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