New Bike Fixit Station for Downtown Pittsboro

Pittsboro's historic downtown has seen some notable improvements via the Town's Main Street Program. Facelifts for prominent buildings have been funded through facade grants, and the Town has also invested in some beautiful street furnishings. These include the benches added last year and the coordinated trash cans which were installed before this Christmas Holiday.

One great addition is the Bike Fixit Station installed just this morning. The station contains an air pump and a number of tools required for basic bike maintenance. It also provides a stable place to hang the bike at an ergonomic height while you work on it. There's even a QR Code on the station which guides smartphone users through common repairs and maintenance procedures. This will add a bike friendly touch to the downtown, especially since we currently lack a bike shop (hint hint aspiring entrepreneurs).

A soon to be installed, artfully designed, bike rack will also add to our downtown's bike friendly appeal.


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