Park Rules

This chalkboard from the kiosk at Mary Hayes Barber Holmes Park is a bit hard to read, but I love it.  Someone, a child I presume, has written the essential park rules for fellow patrons.  As best I can make out, it says: 

"Have fun at the park, use good manners at the park, walk around [I think that's what it says - this is the least legible rule], don't litter and have fun."  

This version is much better than the nanny-state versions one so often sees with 500 rules of things you're not supposed to do followed by the admonition to "have fun."  The chalkboard's version captures the essential golden-rule, common-sense behavior expected of everyone.  Treat public property as well as or better than your own property and treat other people that you meet there as you'd like to be treated. . . park ethics in a nutshell.  Luckily Pittsboro's park goers are a pretty respectful bunch.  


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