Hiking Trails Around Chatham

People really liked the recent Mountain Biking Trails around Pittsboro post and one reader, Sean, sent in a link to a similar project he's put together with Hiking Trails. His series of posts gives you the lowdown on tons of hikes in our area, with GPS tracks over great maps, detailed trail condition descriptions and photos of sights along the way. Due to the length of his archived posts, rather than reposting here, I'll just provide a link to 2sparrows.

I highly recommend checking out this great resource, especially before heading out into unknown territory. The posts provide real information that you'll need before you go, like the following: "Lots of bushwhacking, a few cliff climbs, bouldering. In fact I’d guess that less than 35% of this is on a real trail. And once you pass the power line north of 64, there is NO trail."

His blog has other great content as well, including book reviews and information about hiking destinations around the state.

Sean is also a big fan of toe shoes.


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