The "Best Map of the US"

The story of the Dave Imus Map is absolutely inspiring to this geographer and appreciator of fine craftsmanship.  Imus worked on this labor of love seven days a week for two years and when finished he won the most prestigious award in the cartographic realm. This and fifty cents couldn't buy him a coffee at Starbucks. It took an article in Slate to launch the map into the zeitgeist and commercial success snowballed from there.  I found this excerpt just showing North Carolina and enhanced it a bit by adding a Pittsboro label, it's original exclusion being perhaps the map's sole flaw.     

Dave Imus Map with unofficial Pittsboro update

The map is a work of art, worthy of purchase and careful study.  The articles linked above are well worth the quick reads.  If you're a lover of maps, you might also find ODT Maps fascinating. They have several world maps which challenge our usual perceptions of our planet.


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