Jordan Lake Clean Up - October 1, 2011

A group called Clean Jordan Lake is planning an ambitious clean-up of the Jordan Lake on October 1, 2011, from 8:30 am to 2 pm at Poe’s Ridge Boat Ramp off of Jordan Dam Road in Moncure.  Be sure to check out: for more details and information on how you can help.  Gloves will be provided along with food and prizes.  

From CJL's website: "Clean Jordan Lake is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring the natural habitat, beautifying the shoreline and protecting water quality by removal of trash and litter.  Since its incorporation in July 2009, CJL has recruited 700 volunteers who have removed about 1,300 tires and 2,200 bags of trash and litter in ten cleanup events." 

Every day can be a clean up day when you’re at a park or recreation area - just pack out your own trash and that left by your less considerate neighbors. 


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