Sculpture Donated to Pittsboro Parks

Renowned Chatham artist Edwin White recently donated a beautiful sculpture to the Mary Holmes Park.  It’s named Kiawah Paintbrush and was inspired by the artist’s time in South Carolina doing archeological digs at Kiawah Native American sites.  It's a piece with substance and fits in perfectly at its new home.  

A few others helped with this project as well.  Jeffrey York, a local public art expert sited the piece and Joseph Kenlan Stoneworks created the pedestal upon which the sculpture rests.  The masonry gives the piece additional height and is a perfect complement to the work.  Jeffrey chose an excellent location.  

Philanthropy is not new to Edwin, he serves as president of the Chatham Artists Guild and organized the the Garden Sculpture Show at Kiwanis Park a few years ago.   Edwin is a great guy as well as a very talented sculptor - I don't just say that lightly, or because he's donated this great piece.  Please check out his other work at his website; and if you run into him around town, please let him know how much you appreciate his incredible gift to your public parks.


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