Gnome Home & Fairy Festival May 7th 9-noon

If you're interested in the workshop this Saturday, but are still wondering just what a Gnome Home or a Fairy House is I'd recommend that you go to this great site which gives an idea of what to expect.  I hope that ours will  turn out a beautifully as the homes at that site. Either way, it should be lots of fun.  

Charlotte/ Mecklenburg has a Fairy Festival every year which attracts thousands of people in the middle of January.  This will be a lower key affair, but if there's interest this could easily evolve into an annual event.  The workshop will be run by an Environmental Educator, so don't be surprised if the kiddos learn a lot more than just how to build cool little houses.  (which is quite valuable in its own right)  Hope to see you there!


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