More New Picnic Tables

Two new pedestal picnic tables now grace Pittsboro's parks.  The first, pictured below, is at Kiwanis Park, and the second is under the large oaks at McClenahan Park.  I was happy to see a woman using the tables under the oaks the day after their installation!  These tables were funded through a grant from the Chatham County Park and Recreation Department. Other items funded through this grant are detailed here.  Thanks again to Chatham County and to Pittsboro's Public Works Department for the installations.  People do travel from all over the County to visit our parks.  These new amenities should enhance their experience.  

I also hope that people from nearby workplaces will find the McClenahan Street Park table a convenient place for work-day picnic lunches.  There are a lot of employment centers in that area, including the Sherif's office, Pittsboro Elementary School, the County School Administrative Offices, and RAFI to name a few.  The park is only a few minutes walk to Angelina's Kitchen and Al's Diner, great take-out options to bring back to the park.  Happy picnicking!

New Picnic Table at Kiwanis Park


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