Feeding the Well

Anyone who attended the recent presentation in Pittsboro by Michael Kirschman will understand that parks pay for themselves many times over in real economic terms, providing benefits to the entire community, not just the park’s end users. A recent visit to Airlie Gardens in Wilmington NC, however, reminds me of another great benefit, what designer James Richards calls “Feeding the Well of Creativity.” Many people find their productivity increasing and creative juices flowing after exposure to beautiful inspiring places. The impact of seeing a tree over 400 years old is hard to quantify in economic terms but it certainly seems meaningful in the grand scheme of things. Interacting with inspiring, refreshing places is crucial to us individually, and as members of society, and having access to quality spaces close to home is even better. Inspiration may stem from natural beauty, enhancements of nature, quality architecture, arts, crafts, or simply seeing your kids play in environments which nurture and excite them. Here’s a glimpse at some of the inspiring views at Airlie Gardens. If you’re in the Wilmington area, I highly recommend going. They offer kayak tours, a lovely butterfly house, 62 acres of enclosed garden with over 100,000 varieties of azalea and camellias.

Live Oak
Minnie Evans Bottle Chapel Garden
Minnie Evans Bottle Chapel; google for more photos.
Stained Glass Detail in the Bottle Chapel Garden
A great concrete arbor.
The Airlie Oak, 462 years old.


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