Sneak Peak at Rock Springs Park

Progress is being made on Pittsboro's New Town Park despite the unaccommodating weather. Below are photos of a few features mid construction.

Future picnic shelter. This will support a forest green metal roof. Metal roofs have superior life cycle cost ratios; they cost just a bit more up-front but greatly reduce long term maintenance costs.
Detail of an unfinished bench under the cedar living roof gazebo.
Stone chaise lounge. This is a great boulder. Rumors of a cup holder being installed along with a "reserved for parks planner" sign are entirely unfounded - I don't know how these rumors get started. wink ;)
The boulder "cave" and another rustic bench. The bench slabs are from white oaks harvested on site.
Pedestrian entrance steps near Millbrook Circle. These will be further enhanced with the installation of stainless steel handrails.

This will be a beautiful park we can all enjoy when complete.


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