Kiwanis Park Featured on Playscapes

The renovations at Kiwanis Park are currently featured on my favorite blog, Playscapes, a blog about playground design. Yea! The following quotes help sum up the raison d'etre of Playscapes, with which I can relate.

"Because it's difficult to find non-commercial playground information. And I find that frustrating.
Because a playground doesn't have to cost a million bucks and come in a box. In fact, it's better if it doesn't.
Because playgrounds are under-recognized as an artistic medium.
Because everybody loves a playground

The site has had a huge influence on me and hence on our nascent parks system. If you think about it, the philosophy reflects the healthy balance of fiscal conservativeness with the spirit of resourcefulness and innovation that so aptly characterizes Pittsboro.

Thanks again to all of the contractors, designers, public works and professional staff who made the renovation what it was. Also thanks the Pittsboro Kiwanis, Genevieve Megginson, Partnership for Children, the Pittsboro Governing Board and staff of 2001-2004, Progress Energy, Chatham County United Way, the Piedmont Conservation Council, Pittsboro Area Health Initiative, the Chatham Parks Foundation, Active Chatham and a dedicated group of parents (you know who you are) for their insight, vision and determination to create the park back in 2001. This has definitely been a collaborative effort.


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