More Photos From the Sculpture Show

Here are a few more photos from the Kiwanis Sculpture Show held last Saturday. Pittsboro and Chatham County are exceedingly lucky to have such a plethora of artists among us! We're accustomed to it, but very few communities of our size have such a concentration of talented artists. It's part of what makes our area great.Sculpture by Tamera Mulinex. My photo doesn't capture how perfectly this piece was suited for the site chosen by the artist. It just fits perfectly from all views.
These colorful pieces by artist Lou Horton brightened up a dreary rainy day. Also note a bird made by Forrest Greenslade to the right of them and a metal flower on the cedar pole made by Holly Felice. There's a close up of the latter two pieces here along with a slideshow of other photos.
A piece by Jeff Hackney - foreground and a reading bench by Mike Roig - background.
A close-up of the reading bench by Mike Roig.
A gorgeous piece by show organizer Edwin White.
An appropriately whimsical piece by Steve Cote. Is that cool or what?


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