Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebration at Kiwanis Park June 12th

The Pittsboro Kiwanis Club will celebrate their 60th anniversary of Community Service to Children by hosting a Children's Day at the Kiwanis Park and surrounding Kiwanis Hut property. The event will be on June 12th from 11:30- 3pm. Jammin Baby will provide interactive musical entertainment most of the afternoon. Various civic and public departments will be there as will Kiwanis members grilling free hot dogs for the kids and $1 dogs for adults. More info to come as the event takes shape.

For those of you who don't know, the Kiwanis Club worked with area parents in 200o to found the Kiwanis Park. The park opened in 2004 and has seen substantial upgrades throughout the years. The Kiwanis lease the parkland to the Town for virtually no cost and support area children in a myriad of other ways. Just from speaking informally with members I've learned that they provide Christmas gifts to children who otherwise would likely receive nothing. They also support the CORA food pantry and other local charities. This celebration is all about the kids, but should you attend, please take time to thank Kiwanis members for their positive civic engagement and their commitment to the betterment of Pittsboro. They rightly focus on doing good works rather than self promotion, so most people don't realize the good they do for our community.
Jammin Baby play silks in action at the Kiwanis Park shindig of 2008.

Thanks to Volunteers at Rock Springs Park

Thanks to members of The Community Church and Mayor Randolph Voller for coordinating a volunteer work day at the new Rock Springs Park. The Community Church had a community service day a earlier in the month detailed here: They helped to save quartz rocks from being otherwise buried and placed them around trees like the one below. Thank you all for your contributions.
Quartz tree ring placed by volunteers.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"The War on Children's Playgrounds"

Great article from

An excerpt:

"Children rise to risk," says Joan Almon, executive director of the U.S. Alliance for Childhood. "Give them some genuine risk and they quickly learn what their limits are, and then they expand their limits." The problem is: If kids never encounter even tiny risks, they never develop that thing we call common sense.

Friday, May 7, 2010

The True Value of Parks - Speaker May 20th

I've heard great things about this speaker so I'm really glad that he was able to come to Pittsboro to share his experience. Essentially Michael has done a lot of research into the value of parks and open space and conveys his findings in hard economic terms. One of his main tenant is that parks are valuable to all members of a community, not just the ultimate end users.

Come on out to the Chatham Mill on May 20th 7PM to view his presentation. A short question and answer period will follow.

Click on the image above to view it at full size.

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