Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adventure Playgrounds

While rather difficult to implement, manage and staff from a municipal standpoint, especially for a small town like Pittsboro, Adventure Playgrounds still seem like great fun. The idea developed in post WWII Europe when a playground designer observed that kids enjoyed playing more in the the dirt and scrap lumber from war rubble than they did in the "normal" playgrounds of the time. Not surprisingly, he found that kids like designing and building their own play structures given the opportunity. The creative mounds of sticks and sand throughout Kiwanis Park can attest to this fact. There are currently about 1000 adventure playgrounds in Europe but only a handful in the U.S.
I love how engaged these kids seem in this photo of a fort building project.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Organized Recreation around Pittsboro NC

At the moment, Pittsboro's current focus for parks and recreation is geared toward developing new facilities while improving and maintaining existing ones. However, if you're looking for programs, classes and special events, there's much in the area to choose from.

For example, the Chatham County Parks & Recreation Department's seasonal newsletter highlights their services, including classes and events. The latest edition can be found here: Newsletter. Current offerings include youth and adult tennis classes, adult softball, youth track and field training, etc.

In addition, private recreation providers use the Pittsboro's Community House at reasonable rates to offer tai chi, assorted youth and adult dance classes including ballet, and clogging, as well as special events like chamber music concerts and community dance parties.

Other private resources such as the YMCA, assorted gyms, and sports leagues round out the options for organized recreation. Many of these resources are listed in the County's newsletter referenced above as well as in the list of links on this blog's right sidebar.

There's lots to do in Pittsboro!
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